Pacaya Samiria, the new route and destination for 2014


For those who want to know the Selva (Peruvian Jungle) and surrounding area with every imaginable amenity , we recommend doing so on a cruise five star all inclusive. Some of the most iconic companies operating in the local market are Aqua Expeditions, Delfín Amazon Cruises e International Expeditions.

Although it sounds unlikely, these companies offer the passenger a unique experience around the Pacaya Samiria five and four nights without heat or mosquitoes. This is because they have air conditioning and mosquitoes nets in all rooms , which have nothing to envy to a luxury hotel .

Another feature of these boats is that all suites have personalized service , as well as outdoor terrace and view to the passenger does not miss any time in the beautiful scenery surrounding it.

The company places special emphasis on Aqua gastronomy. Proof of this is that the executive chef of the company is Pedro Miguel Schiaffino , who has developed a special menu with selvaticos inputs to the delight of passengers. COMIDA DE LA SELVA

Delfín engríe guests with massages in a private terrace to relax with the peace of the Selva or the opportunity to enjoy a Jacuzzi with air conditioning in a special atmosphere.

Another advantage of these cruises are conducting tours through the jungle with guides. No magic walks at dawn, day hikes and even search endemics overnight. Here you will discover the amazing variety of flora and fauna of this natural reserve , as the pink dolphins. pacaya-samiria

If you prefer to know the Selva in a more traditional way, visit hotels or Inkaterra lodge Hacienda Concepcion , which offer tours through different parts of the Peruvian Jungle



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