Forbes names Peruvian food a top 10 trend of 2012

Peruvian cuisine has been named one of the top 10 food trends of 2012 by Forbes, an American business magazine.

The list focuses on tendencies in American food and restaurants, and was based on feedback from chefs, restaurateurs, food educators and writers from across the country.

The magazine gives some credit to Chef Ricardo Zarate for “energizing the Peruvian food trend at his LA restaurants MoChica (2009) and Picca (2011).”

Peruvian food is referred to as the new “It” cuisine, in part because it brings together so many different flavors, including Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Andean.

The food is also credited with using interesting ingredients, such as dozens of potato varieties, chilies, quinoa and tomatoes.

The article states that many chefs are joining the craze by opening new restaurants around the country, including Richard Sandoval with Raymi in New York City.

Other trends listed in the article include bison, bitters, infused pastas and kid food for grown ups.

This isn’t the first time that Peruvian food has made it onto the magazine’s radar. In April, Lima was named as having the freshest fish of the day and as being home of Peru’s most notable contribution to world cuisine – ceviche – in a review of Bon Apetit’s seven wonders of the food world.


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