2 Benefits of Living in Peru

Why is it that when you move overseas, your attitude seems to change?  You get out of the house more, you try new things, and actually exercise more like you always said you would.

running at the beach

A lot of times it boils down to two basic reasons:

1. It feels like you have left all your troubles behind because you are physically in a new place.

2. Not stressing out about your troubles lets you live a healthier lifestyle.

Back home, you wouldn’t think twice about grabbing fast food, or popping into the A&P for a bag of chips and pop…maybe even a hot dog or nachos?  These are part of the everyday lives for most people, as the idea that fast and convenient food must equal unhealthy.    In Peru, there are tons of great places to grab a quick bite that are incredibly cheap and incredibly delicious.  And I am talking about home cooked meals.  Yes, I know that these are technically restaurants, but they are what might be considered “hole-in-the-wall” places where the cooks actually cook this food for their own family after work.  What did the Pillsbury Doughboy once say, “There’s nothing more lovin’ than something from the oven!”  Truer words might never have been spoken.

nothing says lovin like something from the oven Pilsbury

And what about exercise?  Well, Lima has a fantastic long, rambling walkway along the seaside bluffs called the Malecon.  Many people head here for sunsets and relaxing, but many also run, bike and Rollerblade along it.  And don’t forget the beaches.  There is no better motivation to get out of the house and exercise than the call of the beach; who wouldn’t want to stroll/run/cartwheel along the sand and enjoy fresh sea breezes and the waves gently nipping at your feet?  Sounds more appealing than those nasty Nutrisystem meals, doesn’t it?

Miralfores malecon Peru

Imagine running/walking/strolling along those beautiful bluffs!

Living healthier is not just about eating better and exercising, it is also about how you feel about yourself and life.  Living in a stressed environment where you must worry about every little thing is no way to live your life.  And try as you might to not think about the little things, when you are surrounded by it day in and day out, it is pretty hard not to let it get to you.  By removing yourself from that, and putting yourself in a more relaxed environment, you will be allowing yourself to truly enjoy the “little things” and let your mind and body relax and unwind.  And at the end of the day, that is really the most important way to be happy.  If you are happy, being healthy is just a natural by-product.



7 thoughts on “2 Benefits of Living in Peru

  1. I can agree with this post to a point, for sure. I do think that a lot of this depends on how you live your life in your home country. Mind you that before I left the US, I was overworking myself for sure, but in a way that was so very American of me, so it was fitting. I also felt at the time that it was all to benefit both myself and the community in the long run so it was worth it. However, one of the first things I did when I arrived in Germany was nothing and it was extravagant and lovely. It has taken me quite a while to find my real bearing, but I feel like I might be now. I don’t have the excellent beaches or warm sexy coastline at all, but I do have a river and a lot of history here and it is fun to run the perimeter of the old Roman wall of the city. I would say that you definitely have one thing right in this post, or the comments rather, “Come on down.” However, I would modify it to say, “come on over!” It has been really wonderful to realize that my husband and I really ultimately could work anywhere in the world now. Cheers to you for making the move – and loving it!

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