City Living – Grow Your Own Veggies from the Balcony

This is a great investment for those living in cities that don’t have space/private yard to grow their own vegetables.  Personally, I find this especially important as the world battles against corporations that do not have our best interest at heart, rather their own pockets…no matter the cost.  *cough…Monsanto…cough*  Thankfully, Peru has banned GMO foods for over a decade!  As if you needed another reason to move here!

Oh, and it’s hydroponic!  So no dirt mess or need to haul in potting soil or fertilizer.

home planter hydroponics

There is nothing like the taste of local, garden fresh vegetables to accentuate a dish and entice our palettes. The New York-based Garden Up team sees the culinary and health benefits of home grown produce and wants to make it easy for individuals and businesses to grow their own herbs and veggies. Their affordable drip-system hydroponic garden towers let produce grow just about anywhere, whether it’s a rooftop, a backyard, or a small New York City apartment.

Garden Up’s vertical garden units look almost like bird houses, but for yummy herbs and edible plants. Each level of the tower is ideal for growing different types of produce. Edible herbs work well at the top, flourishing in their separate wells, making it easy to harvest. Tomatoes, beans, and peppers thrive in the middle, while bush plants like berries do best in the lower tub portion of the Garden Up tower. Mostly everything grows well, except for root plants that need soil, like beets or carrots.

hydroponic vegetable planter backyard

The plants are fed through Garden Up’s efficient drip-system, combining water with Garden Up’s very own Nutrient Tea growing aid — that means no soil to clean up or re-pot. Plus, plants raised hydroponically and without soil grow much more quickly. The only maintenance is to check the acid-base level of the system every other day. Otherwise, just let nature take its course!

Although Garden Up plant towers are great for personal or home use, the company’s mission is to also get more restaurants to use local foods, and you can’t get any more local than your own backyard or roof. The 72 plant units can grow up to $1,200 worth of fresh veggies yearly, saving businesses a lot of money, as well as providing great fresh flavor to their menu. The local company has launched a Kickstarter campaign, where donors can get Garden Up plant towers at extremely affordable prices, so get your personal garden started today!

via Garden Up Plant Towers Make it Easy to Grown Your Own Veggies in Small NYC Apartments | Inhabitat New York City.


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