Photos – Relax and Go To Your Zen Spot

Happy Friday everyone!  This week has been especially challenging and there were days when I thought Friday would never come!  Thankfully, it is here; and with it, a reprieve from the hot heat and humidity we had been experiencing the past week here in Lima.  Starting last night and carrying on to this morning, there has been a nice cool, refreshing breeze winding its way through the various rooms in the office and the sky has some interesting cloud formations that is relaxing to the eyes and stimulating to the imagination!

But since most of you probably aren’t here in Lima to relax with me, I thought I would provide you some other photos to help you relax and welcome in the weekend.  The following photos were found from Archello and are but a portion of photos showcasing a beautiful 6500 sq. ft. home in Bali.  I don’t think there is more to say; at least for me, when I hear Bali, I go to my Zen place – full of green lush tropical plants, beaches and the sounds of nature.

Won’t you come and join me…

zen architecture bali

tropical beach house with poolzen style living roomzen style lounge robin egg blue

Who would have thought to have used this beautiful blue in a tropical environment?  Truly ingenious because the color not only pops against the darker wood tones, but also tricks the mind into thinking the temperature is cooler than it might be because the color is so cool and soothing.  Not to mention tying in elements of the sky and water, truly making this indoor/outdoor living!  If you like this color, you might want to check out this post about Robin’s Egg Blue – one of my favorite colors to decorate with!

holiday beach home in bali


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