3,000 Tourists Every Weekend In Mancora

Mancora Piura Peru

This year, it is expected that an average of 3,000 tourists (domestic and foreign) will visit the resort beach of Mancora each weekend during the summer season.

The head of the Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Dircetur) of Piura, Pedro Ortiz, said the expectation is for the first months of the year – considered the high season.  “Mancora beach is the most visited beach on weekends. Monday to Thursday receives an estimated 1,000 tourists daily,” he told Andina news agency, noting that the city has an average of 130 hotels.

He also said that this season has seen mostly domestic tourists, especially from parts of Lima and Piura, while overseas visitors include groups from Ecuador, the United States, France and Italy.

Tourists visiting the city and beach are not only motivated by warm-water beaches and almost year-round sunshine, but also by the wide range of restaurants offering an array of fresh fish and seafood.

Officials are also trying to promote local beaches as “alternatives” to Mancora; beaches like Colan, located in the adjacent province of Paita. “The goal is to differentiate each beach for the different tastes of tourists. For example, Colan is more family-friendly, while Mancora encompasses a more party/fun-like atmosphere suited for the younger crowd.”

This is not surprising, given a recent report that domestic tourism to Peru’s northern beaches increased by 60% for 2010-2011!  Read all about it here.

Mancora beach peru


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