Brazilian Tourism to Peru Increased 50%

PromPeru agency tourism

PromPerú (the governmental agency charged with promoting Peru as a brand) has reported that tourist arrivals from Brazil will grow 50% this year, keeping pace with last year’s expansion.

The inbound tourism deputy director, Andrea Martinez, said at a news conference that the arrival of Brazilian tourists to Peru grew to 92,000 between January and September 2011, versus a level of 64,000 in the same period in 2010.

“The expectation is that inbound tourism from Brazil will continue to grow at the same pace this year, i.e. also grow by 50% in 2012,” he said.

The official said that this successful outcome responds to many advertising campaigns and new ​​alliances with major operators in Brazil, which has encouraged tourism to Peru.

The demographics of the Brazilian tourist who comes to Peru is a bit younger than the European – aged between 25 and 45 years, unlike Europe which is a bit higher, although not as a backpacker. “The Brazilian is also a tourist looking for a cultural experience, as the European, since nature is already a large part of life in their native country.  Brazilians who are visiting Peru are also seasoned travelers, having traveled to other parts of the world,” he said.

However, he said that despite the closeness of the countries, this type of tourist for the most part has not traveled to Peru; so Peru is trying to bring the value of a cultural destination that Brazilian tourists are interested in learning more about

The Brazilian tourists are generally from all over the country, but there are especially large amounts from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo; these tourists generally visit the southern circuit comprised of Nazca, Paracas, Arequipa and Cusco. “However, they are also starting to visit the north of the country with greater interest, as we are slowly trying to position the north as a destination within Peru that still has a lot to grow,” he added.


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