The Best Hotel in South America Is In Peru

Trip Advisor awards list

TripAdvisor, the prestigious and influential travel website, recently published the results of its 2012 awards for the Traveller’s Choice award which responds to the feedback of users and travelers worldwide.  Who took the top honor?  Tambo del Inka Hotel A Luxury Collection Resort, owned by the Libertador chain.  Not only was the Peruvian hotel number 1 in South America, but it also ranked 9th in the world.

In 2011, this luxurious property (located next to the Urubamba River in Cuzco) won 7th place in the category of Relaxation & Spa; but this year, thanks to comments from guests, the hotel has climbed several positions and has established itself as the best among all hotels in South America – beating leading hotels in Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.

Tambo del Inka Hotel Peru Urubamba

The hotel is right on the banks of the river

Opened in May 2010, Tambo del Inka Hotel has received several awards for its quality and services. In December of that year, the hotel received LEED certification for its practices in water and energy conservation, among the many other aspects of environmental sustainability it employs. It is the only hotel in Peru with this certification and the second in South America.

To see the list of other selected hotels can go to this link.


4 thoughts on “The Best Hotel in South America Is In Peru

  1. That is pretty amazing! Congratulations…the nice part about Trip Advisor is that it is actually rated by real people, not industry snobs. I would love to check this hotel out…that setting looks spectacular. Just another reason to get to Cusco!

    • You definitely should try to get there. I was there just in February of 2011 and it was still quite brand new. It is quite large, but so peaceful and the sound of the river at night…well, that is what a real river is like, not the Rimac here in Lima! Actually, the Urubamaba valley is quite popular for people from Lima to have a second home at; the lower altitude makes it easier for people to acclimate and the weather is much more temperate than in Cuzco. That is also a reason why the Inca royalty enjoyed the area, hence the name the “Sacred Valley”.

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