Design Inspiration – Elton John’s Los Angeles Kitchen

Elton John played a tremendous concert in Lima last night and we at the office are sad to see him go.  We at the office are trying to keep to keep him around just a little bit longer (beyond playing his music and taking turns playing the air piano), and so are posting this photo of the kitchen at his Los Angeles apartment.  Architectural Digest was kind enough to to include this in their Celebrity Kitchens article, where among others, you will see where Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Giada De Laurentiis and Angela Lansbury cook.

Elton John kitchen Los Angeles

Photo: Architectural Digest

Now I don’t personally care for the bright green walls, but then again, I don’t live the same fabulous life that he and his partner do!  Aside from that, I really love the clean, streamlined look of the kitchen, and love the dark wood floors.  And don’t forget about that chandelier!  What a great piece to snag from the hotel in Milan.  Actually, the more I look at this kitchen, the more it reminds me of the monochrome kitchen featured in a previous post.  Of course it is scaled down, but still similar, no?  What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Design Inspiration – Elton John’s Los Angeles Kitchen

    • Yes…I agree. Most people are too concerned with making the space appropriate for what the next person will like when they sell. Who cares? You are the one living there, so do what you like and worry about the next person after the “For Sale” sign gets hammered into your lawn!

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