Design Inspiration – Spa Day Everyday

Spa inspired bathrooms

Found this picture online and posted it to our Pinterest site.  I was really drawn to this picture the most due to the tub.  Honestly, I am not one for lounging in the tub and soaking…think I would rather be in my pj’s on the couch or in bed.  But maybe it’s just that most tubs really aren’t that appealing, and often too shallow.  Bottom side warm, top side freezing – not the best combo for a supposedly “relaxing” thing.  This one, however, is just so inviting.  Actually, it kind of reminds me of the egg ship that Mork arrived in from the show Mork & Mindy.

Now, I know that these are staged well, and those “bubbles” look more like cotton balls – actually, that might be kind of nice…but I digress.  Overall, I enjoy the layout of the bathroom and the profuse amount of natural light that is “bathing” the whole room.  Might need some shades or block glass in that shower, unless you are feeling particularly body self-confident!  I love the gorgeous wood floors.

What would you call this?  Spathroom?  Spath?


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