Peru’s Beaches Increased in National Popularity by 60%

Piura beach Peru

The Latin American online travel portal has released a report stating that the northern beaches of Peru (especially those located in the province of Pirua) will be the main tourist destination this summer for Peruvians.

The Latin American travel agency reported that Piura’s spas have increased in demand in recent years, thanks to the regions tropical climate and dry weather throughout the year.  This has increased the desire and demand for national and international tourist, alike.  Popular beaches include Máncora, Pocitas, Zorritos and Punta Sal.

Peru’s rising economy in recent years has caused the tourism industry to take center stage in the country, ranking as one of the most important income pillars for the population; the summer season being the busiest.

“This growth is reflected between the summers of 2010 and 2011, with a 60% increase in tickets sold,” reported.  In 2012, already, Mancora has seen 3,000 tourists every weekend!

Analysts from the agency explained that due to growth in this sector, the city of Piura has developed a wide range of hotels and restaurants in order to satisfy the tastes and budgets of all its visitors.

Have you been to Piura?  Located at the northern border with Ecuador, the population of the province is approximately 400,000 and it was here that Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro founded the first Spanish city in South America, San Miguel de Piura, in 1532.  This has earned the modern day city its Peruvian nickname: “La Primera Ciudad”, meaning “The First City”.

As local tourism begins to rise, it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world will discover the jewels of Piura.  Now is the time to visit, while it is still just a “local” place.  It might also be a wise investment option for those of you looking at living abroad, for cheap beachfront property in your new expat life living or a place for a summer holiday home – while the prices are still low.  Now could be the perfect time to get in!

Mancora beach Peru

View looking along Mancora Beach

Punta Sal Peru beach

Tropical beach of Peru - Punta Sal

Zorritos beach in Peru Piura

Surfing in Peru at Zorritos beach


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