Top 10 Trends in 2012 – Peruvian Food

Piqueos from Peru Food ceviche

Okay, tell me that this does nothing for you. I dare you.

Consumer web site The Food Channel has included Peruvian gastronomy in its 2012 Trends Forecast, the top ten food trends for next year.

According to The Food Channel, Peruvian cuisine seems to be ‘the next Big Thing on the ethnic culinary scene.’

The Mistura Food Festival, held annually in Peru’s capital of Lima, has become one of the biggest food events in the world, attended by a half-million foodies, including many internationally-known chefs.

Peru food festival

Spain’s Ferran Adria, among the globe’s leading authorities on haute cuisine, is currently working on a documentary film about the food scene in Peru, reported.

Peruvian cuisine is considered one of the most varied and rich of the world.

Thanks to the inheritance Incan, Pre-Incan and to the Spanish, African, Chinese-Cantonese, Japanese and Italian immigration, it gathers, it mixes and creates a gastronomy and exquisite flavors of four continents, offering an unrivaled variety.

On the Peruvian coast alone, there are said to be more than two thousand different soups.

Peruvian cuisine features a great deal of seafood, often prepared raw or cured. Its culinary creations are typically highly acidic with ingredients like Key lime juice and red onion. The fruity aji pepper, which brings a tingle to the lips, is another frequent component of the cuisine.

The potato is another prominent player in Peruvian cooking. Potatoes, in fact, have their origins in Peru. Peruvian-style ceviche often includes bits of yellow potato or yams. Mashed potatoes are served cold in Peruvian cooking, topped with fish or chicken salad in a dish called causa.

Lima has become Latin America’s leading gastronomic destination, according to culinary experts, and a thriving industry of cooking schools has been created there.


Feel like a little Peruvian food tonight?  Check out our recipe for lomo saltado, quite possibly Peru’s most emblematic dish.  It is quick and simple to cook, but oh so delicious!


Source: Peru This Week


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Trends in 2012 – Peruvian Food

    • Thank you, we are happy that you found us as well! 🙂 You will love the variety that Peruvian cuisine offers…so many influences have really allowed the flavors and dishes to evolve into something fantastic. I know it seems like everyone says that about food they love (Italian comes to mind), but this is really true here! haha March is a great time to come and visit, depending on what your plans are…if you are going to be hiking the Inca Trail, double check on the weather, as summer is the wet season in the highlands.

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