Design Inspiration – Modern, but Not Too Modern

Try to picture the house I grew up in: A hodge-podge of antiques my parents acquired from their parents, random furnishings they each acquired while single and trying to fit both those previous things into a new style as a married couple.  There were all sorts of things in the house from 1940s porcelain figurines, 1960s clocks, lamps, side tables and a big rust gold couch from my grandma…circa 1978.  Which, to the merit of plastic seat cushions, was in incredible shape and like new by the time it came into our house in the early 1990s.  Really!  If it weren’t for the color, you would never have known it was older than I was!

Gold couch vintage

Well, as you can imagine, there just were no cohesive design elements.  I often would listen to others at school talk about how their parents just bought a whole new set of furniture from Ethan Allen and my mom would often talk about how great Thomasville furniture; we had one nice living room set for guests that my parents bought in 1990 and the rest of the house was what designers call today, “modern eclectic”.  That’s such a nice way to put it.  Too bad that wasn’t in fashion then.

Now that you have a small background on my childhood, you can see why I would not really enjoy or embrace minimalist design.  Frankly, I don’t get it.  Where does all the stuff (junk?) go?  Plus, it just always looks so cold and uninviting; have you ever tried sitting on one of those couches?  I could never get comfortable with a good book or bowl of popcorn and movie on those creature comfortless artistic designs.  However, after seeing some of these pictures, I might have to readjust my thinking.

Modern living room

Love the red couch. If you want to make a bold statement, red is the color to do it with.


Sofa storage living room

Clever use of space while jazzing up the backside ofthe couch.


Minimalist style living room

Love that recliner! And I like the use of glossy cabinets to add dimension to the space.


I don’t really like the monochrome look either.  Is it because it’s too clean?  Too much of the same?  Don’t know.  But I do like this kitchen.  I especially like the hardware on the cabinets.  I know it would be overkill, but I would really like to see this with a black and white tiled floor and change the pug to a Boston Terrier!

Monochrome black and white kitchen

I wonder who thought "let's put a dog in the bottom right corner...yes, perfect!"?


Personally, I enjoy a variety of styles, so I could never commit to just one look.  However, I do think that most of these designs lend themselves to a little creative license and will let you add different pieces without detracting from the overall “modern” style.

Oh, and just if you were curious – yes, my parents still have their 1981 dining and master bedroom set, as well as my dad’s 1970s bachelor pad stereo cabinets.  Sadly, the gold couch was put out to pasture in 1997.  RIP

Photos courtesy of Home Designing



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