Video – Nebraskans Are Peruvian, Too!

Peru Nebraska PromPeru

Peru is working on growing their worldwide image as more than just “Land of the Incas”.  The recent rise to fame that Peru’s cuisine has been experiencing (as we wrote about in a previous post) is a great example of how Peru is more than just an archaeological destination.  One of the major (and best) ways that Peru’s tourism department (PromPeru) has been reaching the world is through the use of video.  There are a number of great videos that really showcase the diversity of Peru and are great at promoting tourism, but the video we are showing today is a little bit different.

Peruvians are fiercely patriotic, much like Brazilians – just ask 3rdculturechildren and born again brazilian.  Thus, this video was created not for the purpose of educating the world about Peru, but as a national promotion for Peruvian pride.  That is why the video is in Spanish but with English subtitles.  The premise of the video is that PromPeru took all the “best” from Peru (mainly celebrities from various categories like culinary, dance, sports, etc.) to the city of Peru in Nebraska, USA.  The idea was to show them (Peruvian Nebraskans) what it really means to be “Peruvian”.  Pretty clever, huh?  If you don’t already know, Peru, Nebraska is a tiny place where it is most likely, few if any, have had any experience outside of the USA, let alone Peru.  This video is considered to be like a mini documentary and has won many awards.  In fact, it was so popular, that they have just announced that there will be a follow up video!  Can.  Not.  Wait.

What do you think of the video?  Do you think it did a good job?  Was it creative?  And just so you know, in Spanish Peru has an accent on the “u”, so it is Perú.  You will see why that matters at the end of the video.


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