Photo of the Week – Lima’s Plaza de Armas and Cathedral

Plaza de Armas, Lima Center

If you have been to Lima, Peru before, you undoubtedly have visited the Plaza de Armas in the UNESCO World Heritage historic central Lima.  This is a beautiful night time shot from the middle of the square looking at the beautiful Basilica Cathedral of St. John.

Construction of this beautiful cathedral began in 1535 after the conquering by Francisco Pizarro and was completed in 1538.  It was originally just a small church, consisting of adobe and wood.  In 1541, the Vatican made an official diocese in Lima, and upgraded the church to cathedral status.  With its new status, upgrades were made to the church to make it more befitting for the title of “Cathedral”.  A new building was constructed, but in 1601 an earthquake demolished much of the newly built structure and construction began again.  Not quite out of the woods, the major 1746 earthquake that rocked the colonial city of Lima, also demolished the cathedral.  Again.

Reconstruction and remodeling began again and by 1797 the cathedral was rebuilt to what you see today.  Inside the cathedral is the tomb of Spanish conqueror of Peru, Francisco Pizarro.


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